Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tequila Sunrise

It's been a while since I got up before/with the sunrise. I like it. It's like the whole world is quiet and waiting for the day to officially begin. I mean, there are of course an array of morning noises (ie. bird song, cars on the highway, wind blowing through the boughs of the trees outside, etc) -- but they participate in the feeling of hushed anticipation. Quiet doesn't necessitate silence, after all.

I've been getting up at 7am for the past 3 days now for a(nother) training class at work, and tomorrow is the last day I do so before reverting back to my normal schedule. I will miss the sun. The sun makes me so happy. I love seeing blue skies and feeling warmth radiate across my skin when I drive to work with the sunroof back and the windows down. But alas, I am doomed to work graveyard shifts. I have put in for a request to be scheduled earlier in the day so I can get off each night at midnight instead of 2am. Slight improvement.

Poncho has been talking about doing a travel blog, documenting the two of us on exploits and adventures. I think it would be fun to start here in Asheville and then spiral outward from there. What do y'all think?